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  • Computer Science, Department

    Fachbereich 06 Mathematik, Naturwissenschaften und Informatik

    • Wiesenstraße 14
    • D-35390 Gießen
    • Phone: +49 641/ 309-2300
  • Detailed information on examined courses:


    Further degree courses [?]  

    Total main subject students [?] 1064  
    Teaching Professors [?] 35  
    Foreign guest lecturers [?] 1  
    Outgoing guest professors [?] 2  
    International orientation [?] 3 / 11 points
    International orientation master [?]  
    Teaching by visiting lecturers [?] 15,0 %  
    Percentage of teaching by practitioners [?]  
    Employability Rating for Bachelor's [?] 28,4  / 45 points
    Employability Rating for Master's [?] 26,7  / 45 Points
    Third party funds per professor [?] 7,1

    Teacher support [?] 1,7
    E-Learning [?] 2,0
    Teaching evaluation [?] 1,9
    Contact to students [?] 1,8
    Courses offered [?] 1,9
    Study organisation [?] 2,2
    Job market preparation [?] 1,7
    Support during practical semester [?] 1,7
    Support for stays abroad [?]
    Rooms [?] 1,8 *

    Indicator not ranked

    Library [?] Rank group not assignable
    IT-infrastructure [?] 2,1 *

    Indicator not ranked

    Overall study situation [?] 1,6

    Reputation for academic studies and teaching [?] 2,0 %

    Support from teachers [?]
    Scope and range of courses offered [?]
    Set-up and structure of course [?]
    Career orientation and practical relevance of course [?]
    Research orientation [?]
    Preparation for working life [?]
    Didactical mediation of the subject matter [?]
    Interdisciplinary relations within the curriculum [?]
    Promotion of key skills [?]
    Promotion of entrepreneurial thinking [?]

      • Teaching:

         At the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen - University of Applied Sciences, the whole spectrum of the Computer Science is covered with the Applied Computer Science courses (a total of 7 Bachelor's and 3 Master's courses). Computer Science as the most fundamental of the courses is oriented on the core area, software development. Few compulsory courses are the basis for a wide range of optional courses.

      • Equipment:

         Computer Science is a dynamic, young and growing discipline with great need of the latest technical equipment. Therefore, a new building was inaugurated in 2006 where teaching and research with current technical standard are guaranteed. Modern communication and presentation technology, excellent network and computer infrastructures ensure modern teaching and research.

      • Research and Development:

         With the introduction of the Master in Computer Science, a growing infrastructure for research and development was established. Four research institutes in the field of Computer Science have been established (areas: Software Architecture, Web Development,

      • Further information on the research activities of the faculty:

      • Other special features:

         Our study courses have been completely redesigned in the transitional period to Bachelor/Master and will be continuously evaluated and developed. At the same time, we attempt to secure as much content and organisational freedom as possible. This approach ensures that our study courses remain up-to-date and will gain quality - not only due to the competitive situation.

(S)=Students judgements (P)=Professors judgements (A)=Alumnis judgements (F)=Facts
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