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2019 / 20
CHE University Ranking
Business Administration, Department

Internationales Institut für Management und ökonomische Bildung

  • Auf dem Campus 1
  • 24943 Flensburg
  • Phone: +49 461 805-2558
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Basic information

Total number of students 850
Number of master degree students 296
Percentage of teaching by practitioners 14.0 %

Cooperative Education

Students in cooperative education

Support during the study entry phase

Score for offers before studies - Score 4/8 points
Score for offers at start of studies 10/14 points
Score for offers in the first year of studies 3/11 points
Total score for support in the study entry phase

Results of study

Graduations in appropriate time, undergraduate degrees 95.4 %
Graduations in appropriate time, master's 91.3 %

International orientation

International orientation, bachelor's 8/11 points
International orientation, master's 9/11 points

Job market- and career-orientation

Contact with work environment, bachelor's 2/10 points
Contact with work environment, master's 2/10 points
Bachelor theses in cooperation with work environment
Master theses in cooperation with work environment
Share of professors with work experience


National publications per professor < 1 publications per professor
International publications per scientist 0.2
Third party funds per academic 25.7 T€
Doctorates per professor 0.5
Research reputation < 1%

Students' assessments on undergraduate, presence-learning-courses

Teacher support 2.8
Support in studies 2.8
Courses offered 2.7
Study organisation 2.1
Exams 3.1
Research orientation 2.5
Job market preparation 3.1
Support for stays abroad 2.5
Rooms 2.2
Library 2.7
IT-infrastructure 2.7
Overall study situation 2.7

Students' assessments on consecutive master's degree courses

Teacher support 2.7
Support in studies 3.1
Courses offered 2.5
Study organisation 2.6
Exams 3.2
Transition to Master's studies 2.5
Research orientation 2.6
Job market preparation 3.2
Support for stays abroad 3.2
Rooms 2.5
Library 3.9
IT-infrastructure 3.2
Overall study situation 2.7

Degree courses without details

Further degree courses of the department
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About studying Business Administration in Germany
About the subject

Further information provided by the department

  • Special features regarding teaching
    Lectures held in German, Danish, Spanish and English; inter-disciplinary combination of economics, culture and language with the focus on the Scandinavian, Southern Europe or Spanish-speaking regions, preparing students to a high degree for professions in the international environment and in a broad range of possible professions; degree courses in a balanced cross-border cooperation; Studying at two locations; profile development through linguistic specialisation in line with the particular economic area.
  • Special features regarding the international orientation
    German-Danish dual degree; Special region: Half Danish, half German; More than 70% of students spend a semester abroad; international and cross-cultural skills for students and teachers are not just teaching content, but a daily task; Simultaneously studying at two universities in two countries is a very special form of practised internationalism; International semester periods
  • Common partner universities for exchange
    Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Universidad de Sáo Paulo, Brazil; Universidad de Talca, Chile; Hunan Normal University in Changsha, China; Université de Perpignan, France; Universidad del Norte, Colombia; Republik-Ewha Womans University, South Korea; Universidad de Colima, Mexico; Uniwersytet Lódzki, Poland; Universidad de Salamanca, Spain; Eötvös-Loránd-University in Budapest, Hungary
  • Special features regarding the equipment
    Notebook university; modern, contemporary facilities in rooms as well as modern IT equipment (e.g. active boards); young campus in Flensburg and in Sonderburg (Alsion); recent cafeteria; video conference rooms.
  • Special features regarding research activities
    The International Institute of Management and Economic Education examines economic phenomena with an extraordinary range of different perspectives. The spectrum ranges from classical Business Administration and Economics via Business Psychology to sociological and legal perspectives. This inter-disciplinary research profile allows different lines of approach, but they are all essentially related to the issue of "Organisation", either from the micro or the macro perspective, or from the point of view of Economics, Sociology or Psychology.
  • Website with further information on research activities
  • Support for founders
    The Dr. Werner Jackstädt Centre for Entrepreneurship and SME in Flensburg; The Jackstädt Entrepreneurship Centre combines all activities regarding start-up support and start-up research. The JEC supports many students in their own start-ups. The number of start-up teams has increased substantially since the Founders' Space was opened. Between 2009 and the end of 2015, the JEC supervised around 133 start-up projects, which have so far resulted in 36 actual start-ups.
  • Characteristics of assistance to differently abled persons
    Section 12 of exam regulations for BA International Management and exam regulations for MA International Management Studies; Equality concept of EUF; German state student grant scheme advisory services & social affairs and studying with a child or with health problems.
  • Characteristics of diversity advancement
    The IIM is part of the Europe University Flensburg, whose guiding principle is: We want to open horizons – We are a living and learning university that continuously evolves – We work, teach and research while overcoming borders: For justice, sustainability and diversity – in education, at schools and at work – Business and society – Culture and the environment; In January 2016, a diversity representative was added to the equality representative.
  • Other special features
    International dimension achieved with joint degree courses with Syddansk University (SDU), Denmark. Further focus on other regions: Spain/South America/Southern Europe; European Overseas Campus Bali; many partner universities, particularly Latin America. Family Service.
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Last update 2017: Data collected by the CHE Center for Higher Education, Germany.
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