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2019 / 20
CHE University Ranking
Business Computing, Department

Fachbereich 4: Informatik, Kommunikation und Wirtschaft

Studiengang Wirtschaftsinformatik

  • Treskowallee 8
  • 10318 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 5019-0
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Basic information

Total number of students 950
Percentage of teaching by practitioners 39.0 %

Cooperative Education

Students in cooperative education

Support during the study entry phase

Score for offers before studies - Score 6/8 points
Score for offers at start of studies 11/14 points
Score for offers in the first year of studies 4/11 points
Total score for support in the study entry phase

Results of study

Graduations in appropriate time, undergraduate degrees 87.8 %
Graduations in appropriate time master's 78.1 % *

International orientation

International orientation 3/11 points
International orientation master's

Job market- and career-orientation

Contact with work environment bachelor 3/10 Points
Contact with work environment master
Bachelor theses in cooperation with work environment 85.0 %
Master theses in cooperation with work environment 85.6 %
Share of professors with work experience 35.0 %

Students' assessments on undergraduate, presence-learning-courses

Teacher support 2.0
Support in studies 2.0
Courses offered 2.3
Study organisation 2.0 *
Exams 2.0
Job market preparation 2.0
Support during practical semester 2.2
Support for stays abroad 2.0
Rooms 2.1
Library 1.6
IT-infrastructure 1.9
Overall study situation 1.8

Degree courses with details

Degree courses without details

Further degree courses of the department
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About studying Business Computing in Germany
About the subject

Further information provided by the department

  • Special features regarding teaching
    There are numerous entry positions available, for example in IT Controlling, in Project Management or in IT Consulting, But Application Development in the web sector also attracts many graduates. The course of study supports this diversity by offering various elective subjects. They include Process Design, Project Management, SAP Consultancy, Business Intelligence, Web Analysis, and the development and integration of applications. We offer a balanced mix of business administration and computer science.
  • Special features regarding the international orientation
    The department has its own strategy of internationalism. This includes, for example: Enabling international experience, designing international courses and promoting cross-border partnerships in teaching and research.
  • Common partner universities for exchange
    Tongji University, China; Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain; Linnaeus University (Faculty of Technology), Sweden; Kadir Has University, Turkey; TU Riga, Latvia
  • Special features regarding the equipment
    The degree course has seven IT laboratories available that cater for an extremely wide range of Business Informatics applications. The hardware and software equipment is regularly updated to the current state of the art. The laboratories are as follows: Operational Applications I-III, Databases, Innovative Systems, Computer Networks, Software Engineering; in addition, the department is a member of the SAP University Competence Center, so all students can therefore be trained in a genuine SAP environment; the systems and students are supervised by four laboratory technicians.
  • Special features regarding research and development
    Numerous projects whose results can directly influence the work processes in companies are based, for example, on the use Business Intelligence. Students help to develop applications that support the management with new reporting, with dashboards, etc. They work closely together with companies and authorities. Such projects often lead to a long-term cooperation (work placements, work placement activities, thesis, job). Increasing successes in the acquisition of third-party funding, particularly from the EU, the German federal government and the federal state. 6 cooperative doctorates in the period 2013-2015.
  • Website with further information on research activities
  • Characteristics of assistance to differently abled persons
    Special rules for exams can be arranged, e.g. More time for exams, special timing, etc.
  • Other special features
    Business Informatics graduates are employed in almost all branches of industry, from the IT sector to the processing and manufacturing industry, in banks and insurance through to service providers and consulting companies or the public sector. Students can shape their course in an international way by spending one semester or completing their work placement abroad or by writing their thesis in another country. For the official partner universities of the HTW Berlin, please refer to the homepage of the HTW Berlin. The chair has been honoured by WiWi-Online.
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Last update 2017: Data collected by the CHE Center for Higher Education, Germany.
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