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Education Science, Department

Fachbereich 5: Erziehungswissenschaften (Landau) at the Uni Kobl.-Land./Landau

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Basic information

Teaching in core subjects
Total number of students 650
Number of master degree students 220
Percentage of teaching by practitioners no data
Percentage of teaching by practitioners, master's no data

Support during the study entry phase

Total score for support in the study entry phase 3/14 points

Results of study

Graduations in appropriate time, undergraduate degrees 81.8 %
Graduations in appropriate time, master's 66.7 %

Job market- and career-orientation

Contact with work environment, bachelor's no data
Contact with work environment, master's 4/14 points
Bachelor theses in cooperation with work environment no data
Master theses in cooperation with work environment no data


Publications per professor 1.7
Third party funds per academic no data
Doctorates per professor 0.2

Students' assessments on undergraduate, presence-learning-courses

Teacher support
Support in studies
Courses offered
Study organisation
Digital teaching elements
Research orientation
Job market preparation
Overall study situation

Degree courses without details

Further degree courses of the department none
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About studying Education Science in Germany
About the subject

Further information provided by the department

  • Special features regarding teaching
    The Bachelor´s degree course of Arts in Education offers three academic years’ preparation for the investigation, conceptual design, organisation and implementation of core pedagogical activities of raising, guiding, assisting or supervising, as well as teaching or instructing. There is a variety of course content to choose from, preparing students to enter a any of a broad range of fields in the profession of education. It is also possible to deepen the degree course by pursuing a Master's degree course.
  • Special features regarding the international orientation
    With a large number of research cooperations and exchange programmes at all levels, FB 5 has a very wide-ranging international network. All of its institutes are involved in European and international collaborations and programmes. The institutes of educational science have cooperate arrangements with partners in Belgium, Finland, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom, among others. Individual research projects also establish contacts with African and Latin American colleagues.
  • Special features regarding research activities
    Division 5: Educational Science structures its research activities through three profile lines: 1) Normativity in science and the world of life; 2) Education and training under conditions of heterogeneity; 3) Educational processes in the context of organisations. These are linked to existing research projects and define the central research facilities and activities of the department in addition to the research fields. Within the profile framework, FB5 has developed the profile-forming cross-sectional topic ‘Cultures of Transformation. Practice – Language – Competence’.
  • Further information on research activities
  • Information on access restrictions
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Last update 2022: Data collected by the CHE Center for Higher Education.
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