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Physics, Department

Fakultät für Naturwissenschaften at the Uni Magdeburg

  • Universitätsplatz 2
  • 39106 Magdeburg
  • Phone: +49 391 67-58676
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Basic information

Total number of students 70
Number of master degree students 17

Support during the study entry phase

Total score for support in the study entry phase 9/14 points

Results of study

Graduations in appropriate time, undergraduate degrees 80.0 %
Graduations in appropriate time, master's not calculated due to <10 graduates/year in the surveyed period

International orientation

International orientation, bachelor's 1/10 points
International orientation, master's 1/10 points
Outgoing students 1.0 %
Share of anglophone research groups 100.0 %


Research profile (distribution of PhD theses)

Students' assessments on undergraduate, presence-learning-courses

Teacher support rank group not assignable
Support in studies rank group not assignable
Courses offered rank group not assignable
Study organisation 1.8 *
Exams 1.8
Laboratory internships rank group not assignable
Research orientation 2.0
Support for stays abroad less than 15 answers
Rooms 1.9
Library 1.4 *
IT-infrastructure 1.9 *
Overall study situation 2.0

Degree courses with details

Teacher qualification

Teacher qualification students 0
Teacher qualification programmes no
Teacher qualification centre Link
Teacher Qualification Monitor (in German) Link

Degree courses without details

Further degree courses of the department none
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About the subject

Further information provided by the department

  • Special features regarding teaching
    Individual support for students; Close contact between students and lecturers; No waiting lists for practicals; Well-equipped lecture halls and practicals; Modern inventory of methods; Wide range of subjects: solid-state, semiconductor, soft matter, non-linear physics all the way to biomedical physics; Interdisciplinary degree options (medical technology, computer science, neuroscience)
  • Exchange universities for stay abroads
    Université Paris Est Créteil Val de Marne
  • Special features regarding the equipment
    Excellent technical facilities that include organo-metallic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) system and central microstructure centre with transmission and field electron microscopy (link: http://www.msz.ovgu.de/), Zentrum für Röntgenbeugung, diverse Parallelrechner sowie ein Ganzkörper Human-Magnetresonanztomograph mit 7 Tesla Feldstärke. Experimental equipment and methods are summarised under the following link: http://www.iep.ovgu.de/Ausstattung.html
  • Further information on research activities
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Last update 2018: Data collected by the CHE Center for Higher Education.
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