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Pharmacy, Department

Fakultät für Biowissenschaften at the Uni Heidelberg

Institut für Pharmazie und Molekulare Biotechnologie

  • Im Neuenheimer Feld 364
  • 69120 Heidelberg
  • Phone: +49 6221 54-6036
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Basic information

Total number of students 740
Number of master degree students 224

Support during the study entry phase

Total score for support in the study entry phase 10/12 points

Results of study

Graduations in appropriate time, undergraduate degrees 87.8 % *


Publications per academic 2.3
Citations per publication 9.2
Third party funds per academic 87.0 T€
Doctorates per professor 2.4

Students' assessments on undergraduate, presence-learning-courses

Teacher support 2.1
Support in studies 1.9
Courses offered 2.5
Study organisation 1.5 *
Exams 2.1
Research orientation 1.9 *
Job market preparation 2.2
Support for stays abroad 2.8
Rooms 2.1
Library 1.6 *
IT-infrastructure 1.7
Laboratories 2.2
Overall study situation 2.0

Degree courses without details

Further degree courses of the department none
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Further information provided by the department

  • Special features regarding teaching
    Particular emphasis is placed on research-oriented and translational teaching. Through the cooperation with numerous researchers from around Heidelberg, students receive an insight into current research at an early stage. The close cooperation with the University Clinic in Clinical Pharmacy offers the students training which is as close to reality as possible. Small groups, modern equipment and a broad choice of research placements ensure everyday student life which is interesting and optimally supervised.
  • Special features regarding the international orientation
    As part of the ERASMUS exchange programme, students can earn credits abroad. This is possible without loss of time, that is, the standard period of study can be maintained thanks to flexible solutions at the home university. We also support our students in the planning of stays abroad during the practical year. Numerous cooperations in Germany and abroad allow maximum flexibility during the course.
  • Special features regarding the equipment
    Since autumn 2014 the practicals are carried out in renovated laboratories which are equipped according to latest state-of-the-art technology. The IPMB (Institute for Pharmacy and Molecular Biology) has ultra-modern imaging technology, a pool of equipment in the Pharmaceutical Technology and Analysis department to industry level as well as numerous state-of-the-art applications in the field of Chemistry and Molecular Biology. Thanks to the excellent infrastructure in Heidelberg, the students also have the possibility of working with such equipment outside of the IPMB and can therefore always be trained in accordance with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Support for founders
    A spin-off company, HeiDelTec, was successfully launched in 2017. It originated from the doctoral projects of various PhD candidates in pharmaceutical technology. The labs are located on campus, and our students have the opportunity to gain direct experience in a company and first-hand information on business start-ups.
  • Characteristics of assistance to differently abled persons
    We work with the Student Service Office, the subject advisers and the programme coordinator to individually adjust the programme schedules to enable students with permanent health impairments to study.
  • Characteristics of diversity advancement
    The induction week, mentoring programme and extensive tutorials help to compensate for differences in the requirements met by students at the beginning of a degree programme (high-school leaving examination from different federal states/international students). The sense of cohesion among the students and the international teaching body help students to build intercultural skills.
  • Other special features
    The friendly atmosphere, the good ratio between students and assistant professors as well as a high level of identification with the subject and the Institute are the outstanding features of the course at the IPMB. In addition to knowledge transfer, the training of independent researchers and extra-curricular activities are in the foreground. The participation of students in university policy through the departmental student organisation and students' union is strongly supported. Numerous cooperations in Germany and abroad allow maximum flexibility during the course.
  • Further information on research activities
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Last update 2018: Data collected by the CHE Center for Higher Education.
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