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Pharmacy, Department

Fachbereich 09: Chemie, Pharmazie und Geowissenschaften at the Uni Mainz

Institut für Pharmazie

  • Staudinger Weg 5
  • 55099 Mainz
  • Phone: +49 6131 392-5706
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General remarks
This department is also featured in the U-Multirank world university rankings.

Basic information

Total number of students 590
Number of master degree students no Master's degree courses offered

Support during the study entry phase

Total score for support in the study entry phase 8/12 points

Results of study

Graduations in appropriate time, undergraduate degrees 23.2 % *


Publications per academic 3.5
Citations per publication 6.4
Third party funds per academic 52.0 T€
Doctorates per professor 3.1

Students' assessments on undergraduate, presence-learning-courses

Teacher support 2.7
Support in studies 2.4
Courses offered 2.8
Study organisation 2.3 *
Exams 2.7
Research orientation 2.7 *
Job market preparation 2.9
Support for stays abroad 3.1
Rooms 4.2
Library 2.2 *
IT-infrastructure 2.6
Laboratories 3.5
Overall study situation 2.9

Degree courses with details

Degree courses without details

Further degree courses of the department none
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About studying Pharmacy in Germany
About the subject

Further information provided by the department

  • Special features regarding teaching
    Pharm. Technology: bridge from the lab bench into the clinical environment; Broad training in formulation/small industrial scale production; Pharmacol./toxicology: Located in the pharmacy department, teaching content coordinated with pharmacists, training in molecular biology and pharmacological toxicology Methods in practice; Medicinal Chemistry: modern computer-aided methods of drug design; 3D projectors in the lecture halls and seminar rooms; good facilities e.g. chromatography in the practicals; Clin. Pharmacy: patient-oriented pharmacy, links with the university pharmacy, training pharmacy; Practice-oriented OSCE exams
  • Special features regarding the international orientation
    The institute has numerous collaborations with scholars and companies at international locations. Many projects are funded by the DAAD, for example. This includes both doctoral theses abroad and international doctoral students. Below is a small selection of countries in which the individual subjects have partnerships, or countries from which scholars are currently visiting our institute: USA, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Thailand, Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan, Cameroon, Kenya
  • Special features regarding the equipment
    Access to a variety of subject-specific databases, either on-site or from private computers. These include PubMed, PubChem, Web of Science, Red List, virtual pharmacy library, TOXNET, SciFinder (chemical Abstracts), Reaxys (Beilstein, Gmelin), Drugdex (Micromedex), Compounding today, Cochrane database, pharmacopoeia and comments Subject-specific access is also available to modern methods and softwares in the field of computer-aided methods; Technological facilities for solid, semi-solid, liquid sterile and non-sterile dosage forms in accordance with GMP regulations.
  • Characteristics of diversity advancement
    The institute makes every effort to be an open place of scientific and academic exchange and is committed to diversity and equal opportunity among all staff and students. It values the cultural, social and individual diversity of its members, regardless of which country or cultural circle they come from. Special programmes include e.g. support in tutorials and mentoring for students with international qualifications; Ada Lovelace project – mentoring for young women in the STEM subjects; See also: https://www.diversitaet.uni-mainz.de
  • Other special features
    Links to pharmaceutical contents are already established in the basic study courses; Additional committees and contact persons (e.g., working group on teaching) for feedback management and critical discussion between students and teachers. The Mainz location is characterised by short distances. All subjects of pharmacy are housed in one building (exception: some lectures in clinical pharmacy). The campus university guarantees physical proximity to chemistry, biochemistry, physics, biology and medicine.
  • Further information on research activities
  • Further information about study entry phase
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Last update 2018: Data collected by the CHE Center for Higher Education.
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