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English / North American Studies, Department

John-F.-Kennedy-Institut für Nordamerikastudien at the FU Berlin

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Basic information

Teaching in core subjects
Teaching staff at the department 11
Total number of students 710 *
Number of master degree students 300

Support during the study entry phase

Total score for support in the study entry phase 9/14 points

Results of study

Graduations in appropriate time, undergraduate degrees 72.1 %
Graduations in appropriate time, master's 56.0 %

International orientation

International orientation, bachelor's 7/9 points
International orientation, master's 6/9 points
Outgoing students 7.0 %

Students' assessments on undergraduate, presence-learning-courses

Teacher support 2.0
Support in studies 2.8
Courses offered 1.9
Study organisation
Exams 2.2
Research orientation 2.1
Job market preparation 3.8
Support for stays abroad 2.2
Library 1.7
IT-infrastructure 1.9
Overall study situation 2.4

Teacher qualification

Teacher qualification students 320 *
Teacher qualification programmes no data
Teacher qualification centre Link
Teacher Qualification Monitor (in German) Link

Degree courses without details

Further degree courses of the department yes, please see department website

Further information provided by the department

  • Special features regarding teaching
    The John F. Kennedy Institute pursues the approach of discipline-based interdisciplinarity. This means that three of the six B.A.s and two of the six M.A.s offer extensive additional interdisciplinary training. In the B.A. this means the two-semester course "Understanding North America" and in the M.A., interdisciplinary seminars which are taught by lecturers from two disciplines. The interdisciplinary training specifically focuses on linking the humanities with the social sciences.
  • Special features regarding the international orientation
    The John F. Kennedy Institute has excellent international links and international visibility. The teaching programme for three degrees levels (B.A., M.A., Ph.D.) is entirely in English, there are many native speaker professors and there is the visiting professor programme of the graduate college with 2-4 lecturers from North American each year. The proportion of international students is far above the university average; The mandatory year abroad in the BA means that the Kennedy Institute has approx. 50 incoming students per year.
  • Exchange universities for stay abroads
    Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, Paris, Frankreich; University of Edinburgh, Großbritannien; University College Dublin, Irland; Universiteit van Amsterdam, Niederlande; Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Krakau, Polen; Universidade de Lisboa, Lissabon, Portugal; Columbia University, New York, USA; University of California, Berkeley, USA; University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Kanada; McGill University, Montréal, Kanada
  • Special features regarding research activities
    The 1st and 2nd round of the Excellence Initiative funds the graduate college (GSNAS) which has been part of the Institute since 2006. Between 2019 and 2024, the research programme of the GSNAS is dedicated to the topic "Transformations of 'Democracy‘ in
  • Other special features
    The John F. Kennedy Institute is housed in a building on the Dahlem campus. The building also houses the institute's library, which has the largest collection on North American topics in Europe. The collection includes numerous newspaper and comic archives as well as a DVD collection. There is an independent cafeteria on the ground floor of the institute. The very active student body regularly organises events such as film nights, the Canada Day or the Election Nights event during the US elections.
  • Further information on research activities
  • Further information about study entry phase
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Last update 2019: Data collected by the CHE Center for Higher Education.
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